slammed for body-shaming friend…..

Publication: August 26, 2016

Entertainment Desk: Parineeti Chopra knows better than most what it`s like to be body-shamed publicly, first for apparently not being thin enough and then for apparently being too thin. So Twitter is now enraged by what is being perceived as body-shaming on her part – Parineeti, of all people, should be more sensitive, Twitter thinks.

It began with a video of the 27-year-old actress and her colleague Alia Bhatt wishing a friend on his birthday. Parineeti and Alia, currently touring America with the Dream team concert, posted this video message in which Parineeti`s rather uncharitable advice to the birthday boy – “eat less and become thin” – takes even Alia by surprise.

“Now she`s slim, she can say what she wants,” said one comment sarcastically.

“I can understand your relief at having lost weight but please be a little responsible about what you say,” said another.

Others were even less forgiving.

Last year, Parineeti Chopra took nine months off to work on her fitness and debuted her hard-won new physique in a series of photos posted on social media. “I am a fat-to-fit story,” she said recently, “”I have struggled with my weight. I was big and unhealthy, not chubby. I took it upon myself to work towards this. There was pressure of Bollywood to bring me on right part.”

Once criticized for not fitting into Bollywood`s definition of slim, the actress was also slammed for giving into the preference for skinny after her weight loss. Some months ago, she posted a lengthy Instagram note detailing why and how she reinvented the way she looked


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